Monday, September 3, 2007

2 Tests: 117mph & 195mph on air

Today I was testing my car on air, half of it was on the table, and the second half of my car was on air (The drive wheel). I didn't find a clean and long road to test my car, but once day I will find it and I will test my car on surface.

I went through 2 tests, and here is my description for both of them:
the first test was 117mph with 30%-40% of throttle, I was afraid while I'm holding the car ad it is running, and then I stopped the car because I lost a screw that I didn't tight it very well. I tight all parts that are not tight very well.

The second test was 195mph, and the throttle was between 50%-60%. Unfortunately, I lost the magnet of the speed meter (Thanks God it didn't go to my eyes). Once it went to 195mph then the meter quickly went to 0000mph LOL, the magnet which I place it on the gear is gone.

I was afraid while I'm holding the car by my hand since it is running 200+mph and it is shaking my hand.

My testing was on air, and not on surface, and since I got 195mph with throttle was between 50% to 60%, I'm sure it will be more than 250mph on air with full of throttle.

On the surface It will be at least 160mph since there are a lot of factors can affect speed.

I have recorded the car with my phone camera, and I was confused once I got 195mph because I'm holding a car while it is running very fast and then I stopped the camera and I closed the receiver, and receiver shuts down the speed meter. unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the fastest speed.

Here are some videos (I hope they are clear):

First test 117 mph

Second test 195mph

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