Monday, September 15, 2008

143 kph/88.85 mph, 50%-60% of throttle

Again, I'm still continuing the test. Today I got 143 kph on my radar gun with a little bit over 50% to 60% of throttle. I tried to push the car more but I couldn't. I had 3 runs, and in the last run the car was flipped twice, and the receiver battery went off. So I didn't continue the test. Next time I will try to push it more.

Friday, September 12, 2008

134 kph/83.26 mph, 50% of throttle

I have changed the system to Neu 1509/2Y and CC-HV with 10s Lipo. The car is geared to 2.75:1. I went to test it, and I got 134 on the radar gun with 50% of the throttle. The weather was windy. I hope I can push it to100% of throttle before I travel :)

Below are the video of my test and some pictures of the car.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some pics of my friends cars

Today, me and friends we meet in some place, just for fun and not for speed run.
Below are the pictures of our cars. The yellow Corvette is my Tamiya TA-05, and the red one is my TC4.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

151 kph / 93.82 mph with Tamiya TA-05

Finally got something makes me happy, and satisfied. I went to run my car, and I got 151kph/93.82mph on my radar. The weather was wet, and the street is very good, and clean, but sloppy (this is one of the reason explains why my car's speed is 93 and not more).

My car is Tamiya TA-05 4WD belt drive with the following setup:
ESC: Mamba Max
Motor: Mamba CMS-7700
Battery: Flight Power 4s lipo
Servo: Futaba S3050
Internal gear ratio: 2:1
Spur gear: 75T
Pinion gear: 30T
Total gear ratio: 5:1
Body: HPI Corvette (modified, wings are added)

Now it's Neu turn to break 200kph :)

134 kph/83.26 mph with Tamiya TA-05

Today I went to test my car at 5pm. The radar was reading correctly, and I got 134kph. After a while, the radar gun gave me wrong readings because the batteries are dissipated.

This test was unsuccessful because of the wrong reading. The first 2 runs, which are in the video below, are successful reading. The speed of 2 cars which passed the radar was approximately 110khp and below.

I have just replaced the batteries of the radar, and I'm going to re-run the car again with mamba max.

The video and the picture are below. The weather in this run was very wet (In Kuwait), and the temperature was approximately betwen 38 to 42 celsius.