Monday, May 12, 2008

Modified XRay T2'008 Prototype

This is my modified XRay T2'008 US edistion 1/10 scale prototype.
The equipment that will be installed on this car are same as
that are in my Tamiya except that the gears ratio are differ.

The only thing modified is the motor mount. Actually I created a
new motor mount from scratch.

Here are the specification of this car:

Motor: Neumotor 1515/3D
Batteries: Thunderpower 3S+3S+6S = 12S
Internal gear ratio: 1.7
Final gear ratio: 1.7 * (60/150) = 0.68
Final gear ratio: 1.7 * (60/120) = 0.85
since the the gear with 150T may hit the body (I may cut the body from the top).

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